20 Years with CMA!

This month, we acknowledge two very special CMA employees as they celebrate 20 years at our firm.

Upon joining CMA in 1991 (it’s hard to think back that far, we know), Office Manager and Cabaret performer, Steve Raytek and Interior Designer, Stephen Whaley brought along with them not only a tremendous professional contribution, but a dynamic energy that adds in large part to the success of our continuously advancing, innovative team.

Over the past two decades, Mr. Whaley has contributed his design expertise on numerous projects, serving the Higher Ed, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical industries to name a few.  Clients especially appreciate Stephen’s creativity and ability to really capture and exceed their vision through design. His specialties include Design and Space Planning, as well as high-end Residential and Graphic Design. On his 20 year milestone, Stephen comments, “I have been at CMA all these years because of the variety of types of work that we do; there are always new challenges and I enjoy the variety of clients as well.”  

  After 20 years with CMA, Mr. Raytek may very well   be considered the man behind the curtain as his dedication, attention to detail, and lively personality have greatly contributed to the success of our everyday operations. Reflecting on his 20 years with CMA, here is what Steve had to say:

“Obviously I like it here! I am very comfortable working with architects and designers; I can relate to the way they think and their natural problem-solving abilities. We have the friendly feel of a small company, but as a whole, we have the capabilities, skill sets, resources, and sophistication of a large firm. I am fortunate to be working in a company where Customer Service begins on the inside and is genuinely extended to our clients.”


From your friends here at CMA, we congratulate you on this exciting milestone and we look forward to many more!