Avenue of Rehabilitation and Restorative Healing

Charles Matsinger Associates is excited to be partnering with Magee Rehabilitation Hospital on the design of the Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens.  This transformational project augments and updates existing patient therapeutic areas (Segal Street, McSherry Greenhouse and the Segal sponsored Resource Center) on the unique 6th floor rooftop of the hospital.

Research shows that healing/therapeutic gardens can help shorten the length of hospital stays, reduce pain medications needed and improve the mental well-being of patients and their families.  Rehabilitative patients benefit specifically from well-designed gardens that provide accessibility, socialization, stress relief, independence, movement, sensory stimulation and distraction from routine.

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Healing Gardens Color Diagram with Labels 3.2.15
Master Plan

The theme for the Healing gardens is a stroll “Along the Avenue”, providing a visually stimulating, looping path that connects interior rooms and activity areas along its route.  Along the Avenue, patients, families and friends can explore and participate in group activities and therapy programs or find solace in private garden “rooms” or the indoor Spirituality center. The design draws on the Elements to awaken multisensory experiences along the way: a fountain and trickling water sculpture, an outdoor fireplace, planters and raised flower beds which will be incorporated into the Horticultural Therapy program.  The successful Art Therapy program will now benefit from its own studio/gallery space.


In addition to being visually enticing, this advanced rooftop experience both maintains and updates features that present actual challenges confronted by patients in everyday life.  This design is particularly notable as it was driven by a uniquely collaborative effort between Magee, Charles Matsinger Associates, Carter Van Dyke Landscape Architects, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, patients, former patients and the dedicated staff who deliver patient care.

13007_Garden View_02-23-2015
Garden View


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