Innovation Center Achieves LEED Certification

The DuPont Innovation Center has recently earned LEED Certification for “Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.”  This particular LEED rating system focuses on the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing buildings.  Requirements for certification are intended to institutionalize a process of reporting, inspection, and review of all building operations and maintenance practices.The new high-performance glass curtain wall, open-office plan, interior finishes, HVAC and lighting systems, photovoltaic panels, and highly efficient plumbing fixtures all contributed to LEED Certification.

The renovation of this 60,000 sf building included removing and replacing the glass curtain wall, which constituted 70% of the exterior skin, and a total interior renovation.  Formerly containing mostly laboratories and auxiliary offices, all four floors were gutted and redesigned to house DuPont’s Innovations businesses.  It is the Company’s east coast center for display and promotion of its progressive and sustainable products.

Carefully selected interior elements finish materials, and furniture and operating systems all combine to create a comprehensive sustainable building with overlapping individual work areas and public spaces in an open plan that may be reconfigured for various programs with relative ease.

The Innovation CenterThe Innovation CenterThe Innovation CenterThe Innovation CenterThe Innovation Center