Magee Rehabilitation Healing Gardens

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital has recently completed construction of a new rooftop therapy space in Center City Philadelphia.

The Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens is a renovation to an existing 15,000 square foot rooftop area. Serving as a retreat for patients, the space needed to serve both as an area of relaxation and enjoyment as well as a space for support, rehabilitation and recovery efforts.

To accomplish this, CMA created spaces to address programmatic needs that could be utilized by patients, family and staff. Interior renovations include a dedicated art therapy space, a spirituality center, a media-resource center and art gallery lobbies.

Interior Shots

From large open areas to a private meditation space, varying-sized gardens allow patients to interact with nature.

Exterior Garden

The project updated the existing Jerry Segal Street, an area where patients can relearn every day activities such as utilizing a vehicle and interacting with various streetscape features.

Exterior Roof

The final phase of the project will be a renovation to the elevators, extending them an extra floor, so that employees, patients and visitors have direct access to the new space from the lobby.

To read the May 18, 2017 article in the Philadelphia Business Journal, click here.