Brace Busters / Appel Orthodontics

Brace Busters and Appel Orthodontics were built out in a large warehouse building allowing for high ceilings and open spaces. Murals of sea life and dolphins swimming overhead set the mood for these joint pediatric orthodontic practices.

In Brace Busters, the treatment area’s ceiling is painted out black to create a backdrop for large ceiling “clouds” that appear to float across the area. Vinyl floor tiles that look like water and weathered planks bring in the feel of the ocean along the boardwalk. A large glass wall in the treatment area looks into the owner’s collection of cars painted with the Brace Buster’s name and logo.

Sandy and blue colored tones provide the backdrop for Appel Orthodontic’s new “Beach Themed” office as well. The treatment area is anchored by an 80-foot long mural of the beach while weathered vinyl planks resemble a boardwalk. Blue glass wall tiles behind the brushing station accentuate the ocean color.