Reconstructive Orthopedics Opens New Facility at the Virtua Health & Wellness Center – Moorestown, NJ

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At Reconstructive Orthopedics’ new 13,800 sf facility at the Virtua Health & Wellness Center – Moorestown, the Charles Matsinger Associates design team met the challenge of marrying the Client’s complex program to a uniquely shaped tenant area.

During the programming phase, active listening helped us to identify preferred staff work patterns and carefully evaluate concerns regarding the required circulation of a large patient volume. Instead of being limited by existing architectural constraints, we leveraged them, in conjunction with the program, to create dynamic spaces and strategically placed feature elements. The result is a supportive healthcare environment that fosters positive workflow and timely patient circulation.

The Client’s Perspective:

“Reconstructive Orthopedics attempted and accomplished a new, state-of-the-art, patient and provider friendly medical office amassing nearly 14,000 sq.ft.  The project was very complex given both the size and number of services to be provided under one roof as well as the unusual design of the shell space.  Reconstructive chose Charles Matsinger Associates because of their medical background, ability to work with unique needs and space layouts and their constant attention to detail.  Reconstructive could not have been happier throughout the project and receives multiple compliments daily from patients, staff and physicians.  The office has truly become a chosen destination by patients who may actually live closer to other offices because of its appearance, feel and efficiency.”

– Jim Needham, Reconstructive Orthopedics

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