We Know Kids

Here at CMA, we know kids. For over 25 years, Charles Matsinger Associates has designed Children’s Healthcare facilities with intent of surpassing the expectations of the client and more importantly, the children.

It’s no secret that, for children, a doctor’s office or hospital can sometimes be intimidating. When designing a children’s facility, CMA experts like to keep the patient in mind and go the extra mile to make their experience a pleasant one.

Distracting a child from the purpose of a doctor’s visit can be a plus; color is a great tool for achieving this.  Bright hue’s and shapes on a wall or floor make the spaces more playful and inviting, helping to eliminate the stigma that may come with a medical visit, while keeping with the client’s goal of providing a top-notch healthcare experience to each patient.

We would be happy to assist you with your pediatric planning needs. For more information contact Stephen Whaley at slw@matsinger.com.