Matthew Perna, AIA

Matt became Principal of CMA in 2024.  He holds degrees from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture and Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts.  While at Columbia, he combined his previous academic training in literature with his studies in architecture and forged a multi-disciplinary position on design that informs his approach today.  After his graduate studies, Matt worked in the Design Department for the New York City Housing Authority, where he collaborated on community-driven planning and design.  He grew up in a family of carpenters and stone masons, with whom he developed the skills and understanding of construction as a laborer and apprentice.  Matt draws from his academic experience and time in the field to inform his design work, professional and personal growth, and his relationships with clients and colleagues.

Throughout his 27-year career, Matt has worked in Healthcare, Hospitality, Corporate, Laboratory, Higher Education, Custom and Multi-family Residential design and construction.  He is especially interested in building science and how a building’s climate impacts its performance.  His interests have led him to management roles on both the design and construction sides of a project.  He has been active in local volunteer groups such as the Community Design Collaborative and the Delaware Valley Green Building Council.

When taking a break from imagining where CMA’s future may go, Matt spends most of his time with his wife, Catherine, and their daughter, Lisette.  He volunteers for the UCC Board of Appeals for Middletown Township, PA, where he lives, and is partner in a real estate holding company.  He also continues working on their family home, which he designed and built, tending to the unfinished details upon which he never ceases to dwell.