We Know Labs

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CMA Laboratories:
It’s good chemistry…  That’s what it takes to develop the kind of cooperative synergy required in any type of Laboratory Project. CHARLES MATSINGER ASSOCIATES is committed to fostering consensus between all parties involved in the laboratory design process.  We ask the right questions geared to produce a concise, well-developed program for each individual Research and Development process. With the team, we meticulously review required work clearances, equipment needs and the adjacencies of support services to develop functional lab spaces specifically tailored to meet researchers’ needs. You’ll find our work encompasses the full breadth of R&D from Academic settings to Corporate clientele.

Recently Completed:
Monmouth County Vocation School District called on the expertise of CMA to convert an existing classroom into a new Tissue Culture Laboratory to enable teaching of technical laboratory skills essential for success in life science careers. New finishes and furnishings were selected to match adjoining laboratory classrooms and integrate into the existing environment of the young school building. A large window was added into an existing masonry wall to help maintain student safety and supervision. See additional labs below.

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