Careful Programming Cooperation Leads to Successful Medical Space

Cooper Advanced Care Center, Department of Medicine

Cooper University Hospital – Camden, NJ

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Cooper University Hospital approached Charles Matsinger Associates with a challenge for the architectural and engineering team which they faced as well; the hospital was moving toward a new medical program paradigm and there were no precedents for the functional design.  The program, now named “Cooper Advanced Care Center”, is dedicated to continuing care, coordination and education for outpatients.  This new Cooper initiative needed a systematic analysis to meet its anticipated goals.

08-02-13 022 ALT_revisedCooper University Hospital gathered administrators, physicians, clinical and facilities staff members along with our engineering and architectural team to describe the programs and services that would be offered.  Based on simple plans developed by the program’s administrators, the team analyzed the spatial needs based on the physical program and determined two critical design features; patient space capacity and what we termed “time/motion patient flow”. As the program envisioned multiple sessions at peak periods, the design team developed several organizational space plans which were reviewed by the program’s representatives.  From these schemes, a final plan was selected which best handled the anticipated standard and the occasional interrupted patient flows, locating support spaces accordingly and developing the overall patient flow pattern.

08-02-13 089 ALT_revisedAn existing vacated suite in the medical office building on the hospital campus was demolished and program spaces were determined while others were deemed capable of renovation to meet the needs of a tight budget. In addition, Department of Medicine spaces in the adjoining suite which support the new program were in need of cosmetic upgrades.  Another project need was the fact that new spaces and the anticipated patient loads would require renovations and upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems.  Finally, the program faced a short turn-around time frame to qualify for funding.  It was easy to see that a full cooperative effort from all parties was needed.

The A/E team provided an expedited design documents package to Cooper Department of Facilities Management that was awarded to a general contractor without delay.  Administration continued to work closely with vendors and hospital representatives to obtain needed equipment and services. Despite delays in mechanical equipment acquisition, the General Contractor – Grace Construction Management, the Facilities Management staff and the A/E team worked diligently to meet construction deadlines throughout the multi-phased renovation work.

The result: the project was completed on time and within the project budget and the program opened for patient care on schedule.  Thanks to all who worked to make this project a success!

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