Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters – Bustleton and South Philadelphia Practice Relocations

Charles Matsinger Associates and Cavity Busters continued their successful relationship by completing two additional practice relocation projects for this pediatric dental establishment. Working closely with Construction Manager Wolfe Scott Associates, the team combined to create functional spaces with unique themes. The attention to detail exhibited in these offices sets them apart from ordinary dental practices.

Bustleton Practice Relocation

Rugged and earthy flooring finishes combine with lush jewel tone walls to provide the backdrop for Cavity Buster’s new “Jungle Themed” office in northeast Philadelphia. The dental practice is comprised of multiple bays, each with their own character and function, to support the treatment of pediatric patients.

A local artist provided colorful murals for the jungle theme, while a special supplier provided the playful centerpiece of the waiting area: a tree sculpture and pond inhabited by jungle characters that also functions as a bench for patients and their families. The result is a friendly and inviting environment for children that transforms a trip to the dentist into a special experience.

South Philadelphia Practice Relocation

Cavity Busters has opened a second “Jungle Themed” pediatric dental practice. Matching the finish combination of earthy tones and vibrant colors employed at the Bustleton office, the relocated South Philadelphia practice features a spacious open treatment area as well as private treatment rooms to accommodate the needs of all patients.

Another creative tree sculpture, with a sleepy hippo and watchful alligators, functions as a bench for patients and their families. A visit to the dentist becomes a fun adventure in this welcoming and colorful new space.